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Buckeye Classic Showmanship & Ring A Results

Sponsoring BEST Partners
BEST sponsors for 2014-2015 are Bob Evans Farms, Farm Credit Mid-America, Franklin Equipment, M. H. Eby, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Burroughs Frazier Farms and Weaver Livestock.


BEST Booster Club Opportunity

The BEST Committee has continued with and additional level of sponsorship to the BEST Program this year with the BEST Booster Club. An individual, farm or business can become a BEST booster for $250. Each BEST Booster will receive: their name on a banner or sign that will be displayed at each BEST show and the BEST awards banquet in May, and their name on the OCA Web site and in the Ohio Cattleman magazine. To become a BEST Booster please see any BEST Committee member or OCA staff member or call the OCA office at 614.873.6736.

2014-2015 BEST Boosters:
  • Breeders' World Online Sales
  • Linde's Livestock Photos
  • STS Cattle Co.

Buckeye Classic Showmanship & Ring A

Wayne County Fairgrounds - Wooster, OH
April 3-4, 2015
Judge: Barry Nowatzke, IN

Hosted by the Buckeye Classic Show Committee


*Photos will be posted to the website early this week.  All winner's photos will be posted.  BEST participants will be highlighted in purple. Photos are available from Linde Sutherly at linde.shootproof.com.


Showmanship Results Ring A

Beginner Showmanship

1st - Madison Paden
2nd - Beau Johnson
3rd - Karlie Kennedy
4th - Hayden Smith
5th - Pegasio Xenikis
6th - Amanda Annett

7th - Annette Augustine
8th - Tait Dusseau
9th - Logan Small

10th - Caden Spreng

Junior Showmanship

1st - Allison Davis
2nd - Darcy Howser
3rd - Katelyn Cowdrey
4th - Regan Robinson 
5th - Samantha Wallace
6th - Macy Burchett
7th - Fulton Kennedy
8th - Taylor Frazier
9th - Mya Hetrick
10th - Cassidy Small

Novice Showmanship

1st - Erin Pope
2nd - Abbygail Pitstick
3rd - Colton Luyster
4th - Alli Pfister
5th - Quinton Waits
6th - Jenna Montle
7th - Bailey Dusseau
8th - Avery Wood
9th - Chase Snyder
10th - Hailey Luc

Intermediate Showmanship

1st - Kady Davis
2nd - Brooke Hayhurst
3rd - Kyle Piscione
4th - Lori Millenbaugh
5th - Carter Smith
6th - Jonna Goss
7th - Whitney Miller
8th - Jenna Siegel
9th - Olivia Wood
10th - Mindy Barr


Senior Showmanship

1st - Jessica Millenbaugh

2nd - Cameron Alexander
3rd - Jallyn Giauque
4th - Natalie Wagner
5th - Dara Howser

6th - Aaron Post
7th - Marcus Hursey
8th - Hallie Hiser
9th - Cole Hiser
10th - Bryan Wilson

Ring A Show Results
BEST Exhibitors are highlighted in purple

Top 5 Heifers Ring A   Top 5 Market Animals Ring A  

Bailey Garwood

Jonna Goss

Reserve Champion
Jessica Millenbaugh

Reserve Champion
Kendra Gabriel

Third Overall
Jenna Siegel

Third Overall
Kendra Gabriel

Fourth Overall
Adison Niese

Fourth Overall
Kelsey Conrad

Fifth Overall
Cameron Alexander
Purebred Simmental

Fifth Overall
Carter Smith

Breed/Division Winners

Heifers Ring A  Market Animals Ring A 
Ch - Jenna Siegel
Res - Samantha Wallace

Ch - Logan Small
Res - Cassidy Small
Ch - Caleb Potter
Res - Kathy Lehman

Ch - Jenna Montle
Res - Victoria Waits

Ch - Maddox Cupp
Res - Abbygail Pitstick

Ch - Jackson Grimes
Res - Kailey Watkins

High % Maine-Anjou
Ch - Taelor Cox
Res - Devin Coon

Ch - Jonna Goss
Res - Sarah Harner

Ch - Mason Love
Res - Jared Cluxton


Ch - Samantha VanVorhis
Res - Mya Hetrick

Ch - McKenna Clifford
Res - Preston Chilcote

Ch - Adison Niese
Res - Taylor Elliott

Ch - Kendra Gabriel
Res - Dawson Osborn

Purebred Simmental
Ch - Cameron Alexander
Res - Cole Liggett

Ch - Cole Hiser
Res - Luke McKee

Percentage Simmental
Ch - Erin Dilger Lawrence
Res - Haley Frazier


Ch - Erin Dilger Lawrence
Res - Matt Hiser

Ch - Hannah Whitted
Market Heifer
Ch - Natalie Wagner
Res - Kyle Piscione

Ch - Bailey Garwood
Res - Jessica Millenbaugh
Ch - Kendra Gabriel
Res - Kelsey Conrad
3rd Overall - Carter Smith
4th Overall - Justin Reed
5th Overall - Jordan Johnson