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CAUV Call to Action – June 14, 2017

Act NOW to protect CAUV!

CAUV reform has remained in the Ohio Senate's latest version of the state budget bill and now is the time for Cattlemen to push this reform forward. Please contact your state senator by June 20 and tell them:

  • Thank you for your leadership and for recognizing the importance of CAUV
  • I need you to support CAUV reform in the budget bill.

The budget process will continue through June 30, including further consideration by the Ohio House and Senate and finally to the Governor for signature. 

Make no mistake, ongoing efforts have helped to make this budget language possible. It is critical for your senators to know they have the support of their constituents as organizations such as the Ohio Association of School Business Officials, the Ohio School Boards Association, Buckeye Association of School Administrators and the Ohio County Auditor's Association are working to oppose these CAUV reforms in the budget.

In response to CAUV reform efforts, the Ohio Senate has maintained the following CAUV language:

  • Places year-round conservation lands at the minimum value.
  • Changes the equity rate in the formula to be connected to the USDA farm equity rate, and does not allow it to fall below the debt interest rate.

In addition, the Senate language takes effect as counties are re-evaluated so that all reforms will be complete within three years. The CAUV language in the budget can be found here. Once open, the CAUV sections are on pages 2911, 2916, and 2917. 

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