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CAUV Call to Action – November, 2016

Contact your state Representative & Senator & tell them we need CAUV reform!

If the state legislature does not act now, our best chance to reform CAUV will be lost!

The Current Agricultural Use Value program (CAUV) has seen unprecedented increases throughout the state, greatly impacting the bottom line of farmers and the agricultural community in Ohio. 

Tell your legislators:

• Your own story on how your farm has been affected and how increases in CAUV have hurt your farm.
• You need them to VOTE YES on House Bill 398 and Senate Bill 246.
• A strong CAUV program remains crucial to keeping Ohio farmers on their land.
• Farmland has seen a more than 300% increase in taxable value in recent years. No business can sustain tax increases of that magnitude.
• Currently, there are non-agricultural factors in the formula that inflate farmland value. These have nothing to do with the agricultural use of the land and no place in CAUV.
• Thank them if they are a co-sponsor of the bill. (Co-sponsors listed below.)

Agriculture was successful in getting the administration to make changes to the formula that have resulted in an average $10 per acre tax savings on tax bills for counties on reappraisal or update in 2015 or after.

The Ohio Department of Taxation sets CAUV values at the end of May each year. If reform is not passed now, those 41 counties who saw the highest CAUV values in 2014 will not will not see the benefit of these changes in their 2017 revaluation.


House Bill 398
Sponsor: Rep. Brian Hill 
Rep. Jeffery S. Rezabek 
Rep. Michael Sheehy 
Rep. Tony Burkley 
Rep. Robert R. Cupp 
Rep. Stephen Slesnick 
Rep. Debbie Phillips
Rep. Ron Hood 
Rep. Jack Cera 
Rep. Sean O'Brien 
Rep. Terry Boose
Rep. Wes Retherford
Rep. David Hall 
Rep. Michael J. O'Brien 
Rep. Michael Henne 
Rep. A. Nino Vitale 
Rep. Robert McColley 
Rep. Stephen D. Hambley 
Rep. Ron Maag 
Rep. Doug Green 
Rep. Margaret Ann Ruhl 
Rep. John Patterson 
Rep. Bill Reineke 
Rep. Sarah LaTourette 
Rep. Jim Buchy
Rep. Cheryl L. Grossman

Senate Bill 246 
Sponsor: Sen. Cliff Hite
Sen. Randy Gardner
Sen. Bob Peterson
Sen. Capri Cafaro

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