Nomination Process

To participate in Best of the Buckeye, breeders must complete a nomination form (each form can be used to nominate up to five animals from the same breeder) and sign an affidavit verifying Best of the Buckeye eligibility. The breeder or exhibitor may submit the nomination forms and fee for the Best of the Buckeye nominations. Cattle that are nominated prior to the Ohio Beef Expo by March 1, 2018 and prior to the Ohio State Fair by June 20, 2018 will incur a $25 per head nomination fee per show. Cattle may be nominated for both shows by March 1, 2018 for a rate of $40. Breeders will have the opportunity to nominate cattle through check-in at the Ohio Beef Expo and at the Ohio State Fair at an increased late nomination fee of $75 per head. Completed early entry nomination forms may be returned to the OCA office by March 1, 2018 for Ohio Beef Expo Best of the Buckeye entries or by June 20, 2018 for Ohio State Fair Best of the Buckeye nominations. Animals nominated for Best of the Buckeye will also need to be entered in the Ohio Beef Expo and Ohio State Fair junior shows. Cattle that are eligible to show for more than one year must pay a new Best of the Buckeye nomination each calendar year.

Best of the Buckeye Breeder Nomination Form

Best of the Buckeye Exhibitor Nomination Form

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