Scholarship Division Sponsored by Ohio CAT & Ohio Ag Equipment

Participant Scholarships

2018 Participant Scholarship Recipients

The Best of the Buckeye program awarded $500 scholarships to Best of the Buckeye participants to offset the cost of purchasing, raising and exhibiting a Best of the Buckeye nominated calf awarded based on show experience and need. These scholarships were awarded to participants of all ages, whether they’re just looking for a boost to get started or they’re a more experienced showman, but could just use a little help offsetting the cost of a steer or heifer project.

Scholarship Recipients:

Pictured (Back row, L to R): Rob Kuhar, Ohio Cat / Ohio Ag Equipment; Zach Sillman, Ohio Cat / Ohio Ag Equipment; Nick Helmke; Brooklyn Cunningham; Alexis Watkins; Brock Retcher; Blaine Grant; Brandon Barr; Heath Hamer; Wesley Stumbo; Linda Meier, Ohio Cat. Pictured (Front row, L to R): Shala Graham; Lukas Perry; Jordan Flax; Claire French; Russell Fox; Tatumn Poff; Gracie Stirm.

Academic Scholarships

Best of the Buckeye Academic Scholarship

The Best of the Buckeye program will also offer academic scholarships to youth pursuing a post-high school degree that will be based on academics and extracurricular activities. Eligible Best of the Buckeye participants are high school juniors through 21 years of age as of January 1, 2018. Academic scholarships will be awarded to participants pursuing an Ag related degree and may be awarded to applicants who are entering a non-Ag related field of study (based on the number of applications). All scholarship applicants will also be required to submit an essay along with their scholarship application. The scholarship essay topic will be predetermined and posted on the OCA website. The scholarship deadline will be June 15, 2018 and scholarships will be presented at the Ohio State Fair.

2017 Academic Scholarship Recipients

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association Best of the Buckeye program awarded three $1,000 academic scholarships to participants pursuing an agriculture-related post-secondary degree, thanks to the scholarship sponsor Ohio CAT & Ohio Ag Equipment. Recipients were awarded their scholarships at the Ohio State Fair, prior to the selection of the Overall Grand Champion Market Animal, on August 5, 2017.

Pictured Left to Right: Todd Pugh, Chairman-Best of the Buckeye Committee • Linda Meier, representing Ohio CAT • Kinley Kreis • Jordan Johnson • Kady Davis • Mark Hara, Vice-Chairman-Best of the Buckeye Committee.