Diven Springs Farm earns Environmental Stewardship Award

| January 11, 2022

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) awarded Diven Springs Farm of Hillsboro, Ohio the 2022 Environmental Stewardship Award at the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet on Jan. 8, 2022 at the Hilton Columbus/Polaris. This award was sponsored by the Ohio Beef Council. 

 The Environmental Stewardship Award is presented to Ohio farms who have demonstrated a strong commitment to being good stewards of their land, water and air resources, livestock and operate their farms in a sustainable manner. Recipients implement practices to control water run-off, reduce damage in high-traffic feeding/watering areas, exercise good pasture management, preserve woodlands and provide for wildlife. They often partner with government entities to implement conservation measures. 

 Rick, Kyle and Brett Kisling operate Diven Springs Farms, where they raise Maine-Anjou and Simmental cattle. The farm has adopted many conservation practices over the last several years.  

 The Kislings have worked with their local soil and water agency to address issues involving mud, runoff and erosion.  Solutions to these problems have included implementing feedpads, sacrifice lots and gravel in their pastures. In addition, thousands of feet of tile has been installed to help get water underground to protect the topsoil on their farm. It is a goal on their farm to operate sustainably and protect the land they hope to raise cattle on for generations to come.   

 Learn more about Diven Springs Farm and the Kisling family by watching their award video here.

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