OCA PAC is the political arm of the state's largest cattle association representing Ohio cattlemen and women and their family's business interests. It is a federal PAC that can support state and federal candidates.

OCA PAC raises funds from personal voluntary contributions from OCA members and pools those contributions together to support political candidates who support the beef cattle industry.

OCA PAC gives cattle producers the access and visibility the industry needs to have its voice heard at the State House and on Capitol Hill.

Not everyone can run for office or travel to Columbus or Washington to speak with each Representative or Senator. Cattlemen and women need to be back home running their day-to-day farming operations. OCA PAC enables us to have daily representation on the issues important to our industry.

The true power of OCA PAC is in its ability to support state and federal candidates from both sides of the aisle.

By contributing to the OCA PAC cattle producers can help elect officials who understand their needs.

Government today is plagued with bureaucrats determined to interject government into every facet of our daily lives. The only possible way we can keep big government from stifling your profitability and impeding your ability to pass your family's operation to future generations is to change the faces in Washington D.C. Together we can point things in the right direction by electing people with common sense who understand the importance of a strong and profitable beef cattle industry.

OCA is committed to preserving the future of the cattle industry by working diligently to pass legislation beneficial to producers while defeating bad legislation which impacts our very survival. We have made significant progress, but our work is far from done. It is vital to keep our message in front of policymakers. We must continue to fight for less government intrusion and to stop the pervasive invasion of our personal property rights.

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For more information on OCA PAC, view the Political Action Committee Brochure