OCA Awards

Nominations due September 1 and are presented at the OCA Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet the following January

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) is seeking nominations for cattlemen across the Buckeye state excelling in their operations. There are seven distinguished awards available in the following categories: Environmental Stewardship, Commercial Producer, Young Cattleman, Seedstock Producer, Industry Service, Industry Excellence and Outstanding County.

Nominations are due by September 1. Fellow industry leaders, county cattlemen’s associations, soil and water conservation districts and other local agricultural organizations are encouraged to nominate local cattlemen deserving of any of the above mentioned awards.

The seven distinguished awards will be presented at the OCA Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet set for January 9, 2021 at the Hilton Columbus/Polaris.

OCA Awards Nomination Form

Please view the description of each award area below:

OCA Beef Industry Excellence Award

The Excellence Award is presented to beef producers who have worked over a period of years for the betterment of Ohio’s beef industry. Recipients are those that have contributed as a volunteer/leader to the success of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association and/or through their individual cattle operations have been trailblazers for the beef industry creating new paths for other beef producers to follow.

OCA Beef Industry Service Award

The Service Award is presented to those who have through their careers contributed to the betterment of Ohio’s beef industry. Recipients may or may not also be beef producers. The award is presented for efforts made outside, but complementary to beef production. Recipients of the award are selected based on actions they have taken through their career in academia, Extension, government, agri-business, etc. that have benefited the beef industry. 

OCA Young Cattleman of the Year Award

The Young Cattleman of the Year Award is presented to individuals or couples, typically under 40 years of age, who have demonstrated the initial stages of a successful beef operation and exhibited leadership potential. The recipient is also the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association’s automatic nominee (if available) to participate in the NCBA Young Cattlemen’s Conference.


The Outstanding County award is OCA's opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievement, industry education and consumer promotion efforts of counties from across the state. Activities, participation in OCA events, communication efforts, support of industry youth and a cohesive partnership are all areas of focus for award recognition. The Outstanding County will be featured in a video and the award will be presented during OCA’s annual awards banquet on January 12, 2019. Officers will accept their county’s award and as many as are available are encouraged to attend the celebratory evening.

OCA Seedstock Producer of the Year Award

The Seedstock Producer of the Year Award is presented to Ohio farms who have demonstrated breeding success through their registered cattle operations. These farms utilize performance information and the latest technologies available to increase the predictability of the cattle they raise as breeding stock for others, in addition to maintaining a continued focus on meeting and exceeding the expectations of beef consumers.

OCA Commercial Cattleman of the Year Award

The Commercial Cattleman of the Year Award is presented to Ohio farms who have demonstrated success through their commercial cattle operations. These farms utilize performance information and the latest technologies available to increase the predictability of the cattle they raise, in addition to maintaining a continued focus on meeting and exceeding the expectations of beef consumers. The award is traditionally presented to cow-calf operations, but may also include feeders who feed the cattle they produce.

OCA Environmental Stewardship Award

The Environmental Stewardship Award is presented to Ohio farms who have demonstrated a strong commitment to being good stewards of their land, water and air resources, as well as their livestock and operate their farms in a sustainable manner. Recipients implement beef practices to control water run-off, reduce damage in high-traffic feeding/watering areas, exercise good pasture management, preserve woodlands, and provide for wildlife. They often partner with government entities, such as Soil & Water Conservation Districts and the USDA NRCS to implement conservation measures.

2020 Award Winners

commercial producer

Fred Voge and Voge Farms, West Alexandria

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Environmental Stewardship

ST Genetics, South Charleston

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industry excellence

Roger Thompson, DVM, New Albany

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industry service

Rick Heffelfinger and Heffelfinger Meats, Jeromesville

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Outstanding County

Shelby County Cattlemen's Association

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Seedstock producer 

Haley Farms, West Salem

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young cattleman

Luke Vollborn, Bidwell

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Industry Excellence

2020       Roger Thompson, DVM
2019       Bob Agle
2018       E.R Boliantz Co.

2017       Tom & Susie Turner
2016       Henry Bergfield
2015       Sam & Laura Sutherly
2014       Mike & Beth Carper
2013       Kris & Becky Vincent
2012       Bill & Beverly Roe
2011       Janet Butler
2010       Frank Phelps
2009       Roy Wallace
2008       Bill Sexten
2007       John King
2006       Joe Foster
2005       Steve R. Rauch
2004       Ed, Fred & Ray Vollborn
2003       Glen Feichtner
2002       Mel Earich
2001       Curt Balthaser
2000       Elwain Dreyer, Sr.
1999       Merrill Evans
1998       John Kline
1997       Jim & Marlene Campbell
1996       Jim & Jackie Murray
1995       Earl McKarns
1994       Bob Evans
1993       Dave & Donna Tullis
1992       Wayne Carlin
1991       Henry & Roberta Whitehead
1990       Kent Jeffers
1989       Pete Everhart
1988       Bill Cleland Sr.
1987       Gene & Marilyn Byers
1986       John & Jeanne Nee
1985       Bob & Betty White
1984       Bill Butler
1983       -
1982       Don Benecke
1981       Lloyd Householder
1980       Jean Thiergartner
1979       Gordon Flax
1978       Fred Johnson
1977       Dwaine Demmitt
1976       Mary Kay Woodard
1975       Harold Etling
1974       Marvin Berschet
1973       Demorest Brothers
1972       Joe Beam
1971       Wally Nelson
1970       Maderia Brown

Industry Service

2020       Rick Heffelfinger
2019       Tom Price
2018       Rep. Brian Hill
2017       Stan Smith
2016       Jim, Jackie, & Jarrett Murray
2015       Jim Buchy
2014       John Albert
2013       Dr. Tony Forshey
2012       Dr. Bobby Moser
2011       Dr. Henry Zerby
2010       Dave Puthoff
2009       Representative Steve Reinhard
2008       Senator Larry Mumper
2008       Representative Tony Core
2007       The Kroger Company     
2006       Sam Roberts
2005       Elizabeth Harsh
2004       Dr. Steve Boyles
2003       Dr. Francis Fluharty
2002       Dr. David Glauer
2001       Dr. Glen Hoffsis
2000       Representative Joe Haines
1999       Dr. Tom Turner
1998       Senator Doug White
1997       Senator Ben Gaeth
1996       Dennis Bolling
1995       Charles "Chuck" Lugbill
1994       Joe Cornely
1993       Fred Dailey
1992       Merlin Woodruff
1991       Dr. Bobby VanStavern
1990       Lorin Sanford
1989       Dr. James Warner
1988       Dr. George Wilson
1987       Leon Lugbill
1986       John Bricker
1985       Dr. Earl Klosterman
1984       Ed Johnston
1983       Charlie Boyles
1982       Don Lowry
1981       Dr. Randy Reed

Young Cattleman

2020       Luke Vollborn
2019       Brad Thornburg
2018       Kyle Nickles
2017       J.L. Draganic
2016       Randy Hollowell
2015       Scott Payne
2014       Al Gahler
2013       Allan Robison
2012       Scott & Sasha Rittenhouse
2011       Patrick Saunders
2010       Mike & Pam Haley
2009       David Felumlee
2008       Chad McDowell

2007       Steve White
2006       Jake Wolfinger
2005       Jamie Graham
2004       Andy Lohr
2003       Tim Sheeley
2002       Bob & Katie Shugert
2001       Jim Jepsen
2000       Jim Sutherly
1999       John Grimes
1998       Randy Day
1997       Andy Rittberger
1996       Dave Eversole
1995       Joe Foster
1994       Bob Agle
1993       Doug Nickles
1992       Ron Parks
1991       Joe Zupan
1990       Mike Babcock
1989       Lynn Holley
1988       Randy Nelson
1987       John Potter
1986       Pam Beam
1985       Gary Short
1984       Dennis Crock

Seedstock Producer

2020       Haley Farms
2019       Paint Valley Farms
2018       J&L Cattle Services
2017       Claylick Run Angus Genetics
2016       Charlie, Jordan & Scott Diehl 
2015       Karr Red Angus Farms
2014       Chippewa Valley Angus Farm
2013       Tim & Peggy
2012       Turkey Run Angus
2011       NS Polled Herefords
2010       Way View Farms LLC
2009       Maplecrest Angus
2008       Burgett Angus Farm
2007       O'Connor-Phelps Farm
2006       Champion Hill, Inc.
2005       Morrison Stock Farm
2004       Byland Shorthorn Farms
2003       Shamrock Vale Farms - Earl McKarns Family

Commercial Producer

2020       Fred Voge
2019       Robison Farms
2018       Gerber Farms
2017       Vollborn Family
2016       Jamey & Jody Rauch & Family 
2015       Dagger Family
2014       Watts Farms LTD             
2013       Christian Hoffman
2012       Sutherly Brothers LLC    
2011       John McKarns
2010       Adams Farms    
2009       Noll Family Farms           
2008       Corcoran Farms
2007       Rick & Jayne Young
2006       McDorman Farms           
2005       Bob Pontius
2004       Porteus Farms  
2003       Shriver Farms  

Environmental Stewardship

2020       ST Genetics
2019       Stickel Farms 
2018       Gibbs Farms
2017       Hord Family Farms
2016       Pete Conkle

2015       Whitehead Angus Farm
2014       -
2013       Paint Creek Cattle           
2012       Berry Farms       
2011       Royer Grain & Livestock LLC        
2010       Raines Farms     
2009       Young Cattle Company 
2008       Sims Farms        
2007       Stoll Select Farms            
2006       David Noll Family             
2005       Jake, Robert & Andy Wolfinger
2004       Don Lohr
2003       Earl & RuthAnn LeMaster
2002       Wayne & June Williams
2001       Paul Ryan
2000       Noll Family Farms           
1999       Sweeting Farms
1998       O'Conner Farms               
1997       Tom Price
1996       Thomas & Mollie McConnell
1995       John & Kathy Siegel

outstanding county

2020       Shelby County Cattlemen's Association
2019       Clark County Cattlemen's Association