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For cattle owning members. Producer members receive all of the member benefits and six issues of the Ohio Cattleman. Each producer membership receives one (1) vote on OCA policy and related business.

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For non-cattle owning and supporting members. Associate members receive all of the member benefits and six issues of the Ohio Cattleman.

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A membership designed for high school graduates through age 22. The Young Cattlemen’s membership will allow young cattlemen to join OCA at an introductory rate and then graduate into the OCA Producer or Associate Membership. Please note that BEST, Best of the Buckeye participants and Ohio Beef Expo consignors and exhibitors must be OCA Producer Members.

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For companies and industry professionals involved or interested in supporting Ohio’s beef cattle industry. Up to 5 business employees of the AIC member will be eligible to receive the Ohio Cattleman and other information with the membership. AIC members receive added benefits and information. AIC memberships renew on an anniversary basis.

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General Information

Payments of OCA membership dues are tax deductible for most members as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Complying with the tax law, OCA estimates that 8% of the dues payment is not deductible as an expense because of OCA’s direct lobbying activities on behalf of its members. Charitable contributions or gifts to OCA are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Board representation via state affiliate, may represent state affiliate in committee meetings and on the Board of Directors, participation in member business meetings and representation in Washington D.C.

OCA members will receive:

  • The Ohio Cattleman magazine
  • The OCA Cattlegram newsletter
  • The Ring Directory
  • The OCA Calendar

NCBA members will receive:

  • A National Cattleman publication
  • Weekly e-mail newsletters
  • Winter and summer meeting producer services