Ohio Cattlemen's Association Supports Issue 1

| June 23, 2023

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) supports Issue 1, a ballot initiative that asks Ohio voters if the state should strengthen the petition process and raise the threshold to 60% for approving constitutional amendment proposals. OCA is a non-profit membership organization that represents the business interests important to farm families that raise cattle. It works to maintain profitability and growth of Ohio’s beef industry, while providing consumers with safe and wholesome beef.

“Our association is committed to working on behalf of Ohio’s beef industry and believes passage of Issue 1 will create a more intentional process for amending Ohio’s constitution that benefits OCA members and the entire state,” said Tom Karr, OCA president from Meigs County.

The ballot measure will be part of a special election scheduled for Aug. 8. If passed, the resolution will raise the bar for approving constitutional amendments to 60% and will modify the requirements for the petition process for proposals to change the constitution, requiring no less than 5% of the electors represented from every county of the state to sign a petition. Currently, signatures must be gathered for only 44 of Ohio’s 88 counties. Additionally, the initiative would eliminate a 10-day period that petitioners are granted to replace any invalid signatures. Importantly, Issue 1 only applies to constitutional changes, and the initiated petition process to amend Ohio law remains unchanged.

“Ohio’s process for amending the constitution too often ignores our rural communities. OCA’s endorsement of Issue 1 is about safeguarding the interests of beef farm families throughout the state, ensuring they have a voice in the process and protecting their long-term viability,” Karr said.

Furthermore, passage of this issue would protect Ohio agriculture, as well as the security and affordability of the state’s food supply by having a more measured approach to amending the Ohio Constitution. In recent years, out-of-state special interest groups with deep pockets have tried to hijack the Ohio Constitution to fit their own activist agendas. Issue 1 will ensure a strong majority of Ohioans are needed to amend our constitution and will prevent the potential for any misdirection.

To learn more about the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, visit www.cattle.org or call 614-873-6736.