2022 Award Winners

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Environmental Stewardship Award

Diven Springs Farm of Hillsboro, Ohio

sponsored by the ohio beef council

Rick, Kyle and Brett Kisling operate Diven Springs Farms, where they raise Maine-Anjou and Simmental cattle. The farm has adopted many conservation practices over the last several years.  The Kislings have worked with their local soil and water agency to address issues involving mud, runoff and erosion.  Solutions to these problems have included implementing feedpads, sacrifice lots and gravel in their pastures. In addition, thousands of feet of tile has been installed to help get water underground to protect the topsoil on their farm. It is a goal on their farm to operate sustainably and protect the land they hope to raise cattle on for generations to come.  

Commercial Cattleman of the Year

Seibert Livestock of St. Marys, Ohio

Sponsored by the Ohio Angus Association

Seibert Livestock is a family operation run by brothers Ben, Dan, and Michael and their father, Richard. Their individual strengths create a strong partnership as Ben manages the marketing side of the operation while Dan focuses on feeding and raising approximately 110 Holstein feeder calves. Michael runs the grain farming side of the operation to feed their cattle and Richard assists in all aspects of the farm.  The Seibert’s take pride in producing high quality beef and it is their goal to provide the best product possible to feed the country. 

Industry Excellence Award

John Grimes of Hillsboro, Ohio

Sponsored by ST Genetics

Grimes, along with his wife Joanie, daughters Lindsey and Lauren and their families, operate Maplecrest Farms, a diversified beef operation. Maplecrest Farms sells breeding stock throughout the year both locally and nationally, and has recently partnered with another family in Hillsboro to open Maplecrest Meats to direct market their product to the consumer. Grimes credits his passion for the beef industry from growing up in 4-H and FFA. Before retirement, he first worked as a county extension agent for the Ohio State University (OSU) where he specialized in beef production and research, and later became the OSU beef coordinator for the state. Grimes has served the industry by taking leadership roles on the boards of both OCA and the Ohio Beef Council (OBC), has served as President of the Ohio Angus Association and was on the American Angus Association Board of Directors. 

Industry Service Award

Todd Pugh of Louisville, Ohio

Sponsored by Rowe Nutrition, LLC

Pugh began his involvement in the beef industry by raising and showing cattle with his family through OCA’s Beef Exhibitor Show Total (BEST) program, a youth development program. After recognizing the valuable lessons taught through the BEST program, Pugh volunteered to become chairman of the BEST committee. Through Pugh’s leadership, he and many other volunteers work to focus on creating valuable lessons for youth involved in the beef industry through cattle exhibition, career development, community service and more. Since Pugh’s involvement, the program has grown and developed additional programming. For example, Pugh’s ideas brought a new division to create value for cattle that are born, bred and raised in Ohio called the Buckeye Breeders Series (BBS). 

Outstanding County Award

Fayette County Cattle Feeders Association

Sponsored by Ohio Corn & Wheat

The Fayette County Cattle Feeders Association prioritizes youth involvement in the beef industry through the Cattle Feeders Corral and the Annual Banquet where the Beef Queen of Fayette County is crowned and a meal for over 200 people is provided. The association also supports awards for youth during the county fair and provides banners for champions.  Each year, they award scholarships to every high school senior that exhibits beef at the county level. As an association, their common goal is to promote and educate individuals about the beef industry, not just across Fayette County but around the state.

Seedstock Producer of the Year

Jones Show Cattle of Harrod, Ohio

Sponsored by BioZyme Inc. & Umbarger Show Feeds

Jones Show Cattle is a 220 head operation focused on producing purebred cattle for junior exhibitors across the country while also raising bulls and females for cattlemen with goals to start their own herd. Troy Jones runs the operation and has had a hand in raising Angus, Maine-Anjou and Simmental cattle.  The Jones family focuses on an extensive IVF and embryo transplant program, which results in superior genetics throughout their herd. Each year, the family hosts a sale at their farm, hosts a few online sales and travels to shows in Denver, Oklahoma City, Louisville and more to market their cattle.

Young Cattleman of the Year

Zane Gross of Ashland, Ohio

Sponsored by E.R. Boliantz Packing Co.

Gross operates Buckeye Creek Angus with his wife, Courtney, and their two children. Buckeye Creek Angus is a first-generation beef operation specializing in breeding bulls and replacement heifers. Freezer beef is also sold directly to consumers off the farm. Environmental stewardship is a priority at Buckeye Creek Angus where the operation practices rotational grazing, waterway protection and proper manure handling.  Gross believes it is his duty to preserve the land and it’s nutrients for generations to come. Additionally, he focuses on improving his cattle’s genetics to create a more efficient and productive herd with hopes to grow the operation.