Magazine Advertising

The Ohio Cattleman magazine is published six times a year by the Ohio Cattlemen's Association. The Ohio Cattleman is mailed to over 3,500 people and distributed at events and associated programing. The magazine can be found digitally here. 


Winter, Expo, Spring, Summer, Early Fall, Late Fall

Interested in advertising in the Ohio Cattleman?


Luke McKee, manager of member services | 614-873-6736 | [email protected]


Carey Brown  |  859-278-0899 | [email protected]

2024 Ohio Cattleman Advertising Deadlines and Mail Dates:

  • Winter Issue
    • Ad Materials Due: November 27  |  Mail Date: December 15
  • Expo Issue
    • Ad Materials Due: January 31  |  Mail Date: February 16
  • Spring Issue
    • Ad Materials Due: April 3  |  Mail Date: April 19
  • Summer Issue
    • Ad Materials Due: June 19  |  Mail Date: July 8
  • Early Fall
    • Ad Materials Due: August 7  |  Mail Date: August 23
  • Late Fall
    • Ad Materials Due: September 4  |  September 20

For mechanical requirements, ad specs and more information download the media kit below.

OCA reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising for any reason at any time. We will provide reasonable notice to the advertiser upon rejection or cancellation of any advertising.

 Download Magazine Media Kit