Ohio Cattlemen’s Association Announces Changes to the BEST Program

| September 28, 2020

Ohio Cattlemen’s Association Announces Changes to the BEST Program

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 28, 2020

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(MARYSVILLE, Ohio) - The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) Beef Exhibitor Show Total (BEST) Program is excited to announce important updates and additions to the program. 

The Creation of the Buckeye Breeders Series 

 The BEST program will now include the Buckeye Breeders Series (BBS) that will replace the former Best of the Buckeye Program and will operate in a similar manner, but with increased recognition opportunities for BBS breeders and exhibitors.

BBS has been incorporated into the BEST program in its own separate points division and will run throughout the BEST show season. Only registered cattle that were bred by an Ohio breeder are eligible. Crossbreds are not eligible to participate in the BBS. 

Beginning with the Scarlet & Gray Midwest Showdown held Jan. 2-3, 2021 at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield and continuing at every BEST show throughout the season, cattle entered in the BBS program will have their own separate set of points that will run parallel to the BEST program, like the Novice and Bred & Owned Divisions whose points are a subset of their regular class points. The program will end at the Ohio Beef Expo and will recognize both breeders and exhibitors of the top placing BBS cattle at the OCA BEST Awards Banquet on May 1, 2021. The BBS program will not be a part of the Ohio State Fair. 

BEST participants will enter cattle eligible for the BBS through the BEST program’s online nomination and show entry website at no additional cost beyond the $60 per animal BEST nomination fee. Entries for the BBS may be made for eligible cattle at any point throughout the season and BBS points will accrue with their first show. There will no longer be a BBS breeder nomination fee. BBS cattle will be entered by the exhibitor by nominating them for the BEST program at $60 per head.

For cattle to be eligible for BBS points, they must be registered and bred by an Ohio cattleman. ET calves and calves out of purchased bred cows are eligible if they list an Ohio cattleman as the breeder. Please note that if BBS eligible cattle are registered in multiple owners’ names, as-long-as one of the owners listed on the registration paper is from Ohio, the animal is eligible for nomination. 

The Ohio Beef Expo BEST Show will feature an additional BBS champion drive following each breed division champion drive. The top two animals from each class will come back immediately following the breed’s final drive to show for the BBS final drive. The judge will pick the top two heifers and steers in each breed division with additional premiums paid to the Champion and Reserve Champion BBS cattle in each division. Breed associations may make additional premium donations to their breed’s BBS cattle. All breed association premium donations will be recognized. BBS placings and points will coincide with the show’s original class placings. 

BBS cattle and their breeders will be recognized at every BEST show throughout the season. BBS cattle can still be entered for the last show of the season, the Ohio Beef Expo BEST Show, through the BEST program’s online nomination and show entry website. 

As in the past, BBS eligible cattle sold in the 2021 Ohio Beef Expo breed sales can be entered into the BBS points division by making a BEST program nomination and entering the Ohio Beef Expo BEST Show immediately following the sale, providing the new owner is eligible to participate in the BEST program. 

Ohio breeders are encouraged to use the Buckeye Breeders Series logo in their sale advertisements and promotions. Download Logo.

OCA Membership Requirement
To exhibit at a BEST sanctioned show, the exhibitor and/or their family must be current members of OCA. As an OCA member, the exhibitor and their family will be entitled to all member services, including a biweekly e-newsletter and the Ohio Cattleman magazine, as well as all member benefits and discounts and representation on issues important to cattle families. This rule pertains to all exhibitors both in-state and out-of-state residents, BEST and non-BEST participants. The OCA membership must be in the name of the exhibitor’s immediate family. Immediate family is defined as a membership in the parents’ name or the membership has the same address of record as the exhibitor. A one-time annual $75 OCA family membership will be added to the first show entry fee for all show exhibitors when they enter a BEST sanctioned show through the online entry system. If more than one junior within a family exhibits at a BEST sanctioned show, only one OCA membership is required. 

Beef Quality Assurance Rules Changes 

All BEST participants must have a current Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certification when they sign-up for the BEST program and/or complete a BQA certification to be in the BEST points standings following their first show, and to be eligible to receive BEST awards and to be listed in the BEST final points. BQA certification is available through in-person trainings at BEST shows, bqa.org or yqca.org. These trainings are good for up to three years from the date of completion. BEST participants that attended an in-person or YQCA BQA training last year are certified for three years from the date they attended training. 

To complete the BQA requirement in-person, BEST participants need to attend one of four planned BQA sessions that will be held at the AGR Holiday Classic, Scarlet & Gray Midwest Showdown, Clark County Cattle Battle, and the Ohio Beef Expo. BEST participants are required to attend the entire BQA session from beginning to end to receive documentation of attendance. County Extension BQA programs do not transfer for the BEST QA requirement. 

New contests for the BEST Stockmanship Competition
The Stockmanship Division provides a pathway for youth to participate in the BEST program without showing an animal. It expands BEST participants’ knowledge of cattle and provides youth with an opportunity to showcase their abilities and talents outside of the show ring. 

The Stockmanship division is comprised of beef industry-focused events and competitions that are in conjunction with BEST shows. This division of the BEST program is open to all Ohio youth regardless of whether they show cattle during the BEST show season. Contests for 2020-2021 include: ·         

Prepared Speaking - held at the Scarlet & Gray Midwest Showdown, Springfield - Saturday, Jan. 2, 2021 
Salesmanship - held at the Weekend Spectacular, Marion - Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021      

Cattlemen’s Challenge Competition (OCA’s version of a skill-a-thon) - held at the Clark County Cattle Battle, Springfield - Saturday, Jan. 30, 2021 

Fitting Contest - held at the DTS Cupid Classic, Springfield - Sunday, Feb. 14, 2021        

Judging Contest - held at the Ohio Beef Expo, Columbus - Friday, March 19, 2021 

Click here for more information on the BEST program or call the office at (614) 873-6736.