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Ohio's Premier Bred, Born & Raised Registered Steer & Heifer Youth Event


  • Out-of-state juniors who purchase Ohio BBS cattle will be eligible to participate in BEST and exhibit them at all BEST sanctioned shows, compete for points, and year-end awards
  • Out-of-state juniors must make a one-time $60 per head BEST nomination, be a current OCA member, and have a current BQA certification
  • To be eligible to exhibit at the 2024 Ohio Beef Expo, out-of-state juniors must have exhibited in at least ONE previous BEST show for the 2023-2024 season
  • Out-of-state participants may ONLY show BBS eligible cattle at Ohio Beef Expo
  • Out-of-state juniors may show in all showmanship competitions except for Ohio Beef Expo and are not eligible to accumulate points


  • The Buckeye Breeders Series Program will recognize the top placing Ohio calves in each breed division at the Ohio Beef Expo
  • Buckeye Breeders Series calves may be exhibited at all BEST shows and Ohio Beef Expo. BBS Premiums are paid at Ohio Beef Expo.
  • Note: Buckeye Breeders Series is a separate program from the OCA BEST Program, however, BEST participants may earn points alongside their BEST points if their animal is eligible for the Buckeye Breeders Series and nominated.


To promote the exhibition of Ohio bred & born and registered steers and heifers. To recognize the top Ohio bred, born & raised steers and heifers and the breeders in each breed division at the Ohio Beef Expo

Program Goals

  • Provide Ohio seedstock breeders with an enhanced marketing opportunity for Ohio bred & born and registered steers and heifers
  • Create a source of more moderately priced show steers and heifers by providing a program with awards and prestige
  • Attract new participants interested in showing at the Ohio Beef Expo

Who is eligible?

For cattle to be eligible for the Buckeye Breeders Series program, they must be registered and bred by an Ohio cattleman. ET calves and calves out of purchased bred cows are eligible if they list an Ohio cattleman as the breeder.


Ohio breeders are encouraged to use the program's logo in their sale advertisements and promotions. Click here to download the Buckeye Breeders Series Logo.

Nomination Process

To participate in Buckeye Breeders Series, breeders must complete a nomination form (each form can be used to nominate up to ten animals from the same breeder) and sign an affidavit verifying Buckeye Breeders Series eligibility. The breeder or exhibitor may submit the nomination forms and fee for the Buckeye Breeders Series nominations. Cattle that are nominated will incur a $25 per head nomination fee in addition to the $60 per head one-time BEST nomination fee. Cattle may be nominated throughout the BEST season. Breeders will have the opportunity to nominate cattle through check-in at the Ohio Beef Expo.  Cattle that are eligible to show for more than one year must pay a new Buckeye Breeders Series nomination each calendar year.


The Ohio Beef Expo will pick the top 3 heifers and steers in each breed division for the Buckeye Breeders Series program with sponsorships adding additional premiums to the top 2 BBS cattle in each division. Breed Association premiums may be added to the minimum Buckeye Breeders Series payouts. Buckeye Breeders Series placings will coincide with the show’s class placings. The top 3 animals from each class will come back immediately following the breed’s final drive to show for the Buckeye Breeders Series final drive.


Still confused? Check out some frequently asked questions about BBS!


BBS gator - donated by ag-pro

All BBS breeders will be entered into a drawing at the BEST Awards Banquet in May. The lucky winner will get a year's use of a 835M John Deere Gator.

bb trailer - donated by m.h. eby

All BBS exhibitors are entered into a drawing at the BEST Awards Banquet in May. The lucky winner will get a year's use of a 26' EBY livestock trailer. This is in addition to the BEST trailer drawing!

Thank you, 2022-2023 Sponsoring Partners!

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