BEST Photography Contest

The purpose of this contest is to help BEST exhibitors increase their communication skills with the creative display of a message or feelings through photography. 

A panel of qualified judges will critique photographs based on:

  • 60% - creativity, communication power and composition of photo
  • 40% - technical quality of photo, such as proper light exposure, color, focus and cropping

Winners will be selected in the five age divisions (Beginner, Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Adult).

Prizes will be awarded at the BEST banquet. All photographs will be displayed at the OCA BEST banquet.

Guidelines & Checklist:

  1. Contestant must be a member of the OCA BEST program.
  2. All work must be that of the entrant.
  3. Contestant must have taken photo during the current BEST season. 
  4. Photo cannot be altered or image-enhanced in any way. 
  5. Photos cannot have been presented for competition in a previous BEST photography contest.
  6. There will be four age divisions. Contestants may enter only one photo per category. The contestant should declare which subject category the photograph is to be judged in, as the photograph is representative of the contestant’s interpretation of the category. Judges, however, reserve the right to move an entry to a more suitable category. Should the contestant already have a photograph in the more suitable subject category, judges are empowered to disqualify a photograph from competition.
  7. A maximum of four entries per contestant is allowed.
  8. Qualified photography judges will determine the winners in each division.
  9. Photos become the property of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association and the Ohio Cattlemen magazine for use in publications and promotions.




BEST Shows and Activities:

  • Photographs that highlight the OCA BEST program. - Cattle and/or BEST exhibitors should be the dominant focus of the picture.


  • Photographs that focus on scenery around the farm or ranch. - Cattle should be included in the photo (includes seasonal photos).


  • Photographs that show a BEST exhibitor and/or family, friends, fellow BEST exhibitors, etc., either involved in activities on the farm or at an OCA event.

Around the Farm:

  • Photographs that highlight activities and scenes around the farm.

*Pictures of all segments of the cattle industry should be included in this contest; feedlot, commercial and cow/calf scenes are encouraged.

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