Elizabeth Harsh

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Elizabeth directs and coordinates all activities of the Ohio Beef Council and the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association. She is responsible for compliance with the beef checkoff Act & Order and for all OBC/OCA financial statements. Finally, she supervises all OBC/OCA staff.

Email: eharsh@ohiocattle.org

Stephanie Sindel

Director of Member Services & Youth Programs

Stephanie coordinates association membership activities including recruitment and retention programs, county affiliate services and recognition programs. She works with various agri-business companies who are members of OCA’s Allied Industry Council and therefore manages the Ohio Beef Expo Trade Show and Genetic Pathway. She is also responsible for coordinating the OCA BEST Program, the association’s youth development program, and advertising for the Ohio Cattleman and The Ring publications.

Email: ssindel@ohiocattle.org

Michaela Kramer

Director of communications & Managing Editor

Michaela is responsible for regular updates of the OBC and OCA websites and social media platforms. She also oversees graphics design for the Ohio Cattleman and The Ring magazines and other Ohio Beef Council and Ohio Cattlemen's Association published materials. Additionally, Michaela serves as the staff photographer and maintains media relations through press releases.

Email: mkramer@ohiocattle.org

Ron Windnagel

Director of Accounting & Operations

Ron is responsible for all fiscal activities for Ohio Beef Council, Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, Ohio Cattleman Magazine and Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation. This includes monthly payables and receivables. Ron generates all monthly financial statements and assists in preparing the annual budget for each entity. For the checkoff, he records all remittances, Ohio and out-of-state, makes deposits and is responsible for the Bi-monthly Checkoff Update mailing to Ohio collection points. Ron is also responsible for payroll and all tax reports. He oversees all computer maintenance, hardware and software, as well as coordinating all building maintenance and repairs. Ron also assists the other Directors in their programs.

Email: rwindnagel@ohiocattle.org

Shelby Riley

project manager

Shelby coordinates event planning and organizational programs for Ohio Beef Council, Ohio Cattlemen's Association and Ohio Cattlemen's Foundation. She also monitors Ohio cattle sales and checkoff compliance. Shelby also serves as a staff photographer and supporting graphics designer.

Email: sriley@ohiocattle.org